Mystea Wooden Tea Gift Box

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Mystea offers this unique gift pack for tea lovers. The pack contains loose leaf each from CTC, black tea blend, Green tea blend and Tisane, packed in aesthetically designed tins to enhance your tea drinking experience.

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It’s a creatively designed gift to celebrate your preferences for unique taste, flavours and brews. The Mystea wooden box contains four of our most preferred variants viz, Kadak chai, Rose cinnamon black tea, Hibiscus green tea, Lavender amaranth, vaccum packed and placed in reusable tins to ensure long lasting fragrance and flavour.

Enjoy delicious teas in luxurious packaging that radiates premium taste.

Kadak Chai- A perfect blend of Assam and Doars ctcs with orthodox tea leaves. With milk this brisk cup of tea gives you the feel of traditional Indian Kadak chai. 

Ingredients: CTC Black Tea

Hibiscus Green Tea- Fresh orthodox green tea blended with natural ingredients. This delectable infusion lends with its tart and tangy flavour; Combination of Hibiscus and spices make this tea best suited for a nutritional retreat to your body.

Ingredients- Green Tea, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cloves

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea- The blend looks as good as it tastes. Black tea and the romance of the rose blend with spicy- sweet flavor of cardamom and cinnamon.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Rose petals, Cinnamon, Cardamom

Lavender Amaranth- Dark, deep purple blossoms brimming with greenish layer of lemongrass. This luscious, light, pink-coloured liquor can be enjoyed any time of the day. Globe amaranth also known as “Thousand Days Red,” contain a lot of fiber and amino acids, which are also good for maintaining a healthy dietary balance. This herbal tisane may offer several health benefits including reducing fatigue, improving skin, lowering blood pressure.

Ingredients: Gomphrena, Lavender, lemongrass


Loose Tea Leaves(Whole)-  Only Whole Leaf Teas vacuum packed  to serve the freshest Teas. We vacuum pack to enhance the shelf life by preserving the freshness of tea from Light, heat, moisture and oxygen.


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