Kadak Chai

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A perfect blend of Assam and Doars ctcs with orthodox tea leaves. With milk this brisk cup of tea gives you the feel of traditional Indian Kadak chai.



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Ingredients: Tea

Brewing Guide: 

Without milk- Heat 180 ml of water at 90℃ -95℃, Put 2.5 gm of the tea leaves in a teapot and then pour hot water (not boiling water) over it. Now place a lid on top of the tea pot and infuse the leaves for 3-4 mins. Drink plain or add sugar as per taste. Enjoy your fresh cup of tea and relax.

With milk- Boil 3 parts of milk and 2 parts of water. Add 2.5 gm chai to the boiling mixture, boil for a few minutes and add sugar as per taste. Strain, Serve and enjoy.

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Weight 250 g

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